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PPR PRESENTS Teen2Parent Talk – “Teens’ Experience with Mental Disorder & Isolation” (Show #21)

March 15, 2017

OUR EXPERT GUEST IS BRIAN CHAO.  He is a sophomore at the University of Pennsylvania. He previously attended Mira Costa High School and is from Manhattan Beach, CA. He is currently studying Cognitive Science and is very interested in pursuing a potential career in clinical psychology, experimental psychology, or mental health policy. He is currently involved in multiple mental wellness organizations at Penn.

OUR GUEST CO-HOST IS ANNA PIRKL  She is a Licensed Marital and Family Therapist, CCAPP RADT-1 and Registered Art Therapist.  She now specializes in addiction and recovery work, complex trauma, and anxiety. Anna uses a variety of therapeutic tools and approaches to assist her clients, such as Mindfulness Practices, Cognitive Behavioral, Educational and Psychodynamic.

The newest segment of our show is called “Teen2Parent Talk”. We have gathered and will be gathering some amazing 18 – 23-year-olds who will not only be sharing with you, the parents, their insights, advice, tribulations, hope, and dreams but they will also be giving the same to our teens.

We will be talking to these young adults about everything from social media to substance abuse to mental illness to divorce to dating/sex, and school. No stone will be unturned. No subject is too much or to little.

Our goal is that these young adults will be bridging the gap between you and your kids to create the beautiful, harmonic, deep & meaningful family you’re working towards creating.

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