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PPR Teen2Parent Talk Series - “Turning Negative Obstacles into Positive Opportunities” (Show #69)

February 28, 2018

Carlos M. Hernandez, our 19-year-old guest, was born into an immigrant family in the city of Paramount. His parents divorced when he was about 2. He saw the amazing efforts of his mother working multiple jobs to ensure he had a bright future.

Carlos began his first entrepreneurial venture at the age of 14. He later joined a network marketing company that dealt with investment technology and wealth education. He learned how to trade in the financial markets, build a team, and most importantly he learned how to use the power of Internet and Social Media to grab attention.

He went on to a second network marketing company where he had great success using the Internet and social media to build a millennial team of 32. He did all this while working multiple part-time jobs.

In 2017, at the age of 18, he began working full-time for himself and alongside some of the greats in today's industries of Sales, Online Digital Marketing and Real Estate flipping. Carlos has never looked back.

Contact Information:

 Check out his marketing/branding agency at: &  


Number: 562-788-0478

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