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About “Teen2Parent Talk” Series

March 16, 2017

Thank you for joining us on the new segment to our radio show called "Teen2Parent Talk" 

We have gathered and will be gathering some amazing 18 – 23 year olds who will not only be sharing their insights, advice, tribulations, hope and dreams to you, the parents, but they will also be giving the same to your teens in high school and junior high. Yes!! You will be getting it straight from them.  Hearing exactly how they feel and what they need from you.

We will be talking to these young adults about everything from social media to substance abuse to mental illness to divorce to dating/sex, and school.  No stone will be un-turned.  No subject is too much or to little.  Nothing will be censored.


Our goal is that these young adults will be bridging the gap between you and their kids to create the beautiful, harmonic, deep & meaningful family you’re working towards creating.

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